Step by Step Tutorials and Meditations

Download a short e-book of 10 mantras; meanings, uses and a link to hear each mantra.  Start your journey to free your mind through mantra here.

Meditation - I am who I am

Here's a perfect meditation to follow your kapalabhati pranayama practice.  

This 10 minute meditation works with the mantra SOHAM which means 'I am who I am.'

Listen, witness, breathe, connect to allow your mind to rest in the sound of the mantra.

A meditation for to calm and centre YOU.

Short Flow

Here's a short flow that I made for someone who had sore shoulders, elbows and wrists. 


So, we do not plank at all and only spend a short time in down dog.

Breathing - 3 part breath

3 Part Breath is the perfect breath to start with if you are a beginner. 


It is very calming and soothing and gets you in touch with that connection between mind and body.

Breathing - Kapalabhati breath

Kapalabhati Breathing is a little more complex and may need a little more practice. 


It brings fire to your body and clears the mind.  A great pranayama before a flow or before meditation.

Breathing - Nadi Shodana - Alternate nostril breathing - Analomi Viloma

Great balancing breath: Repeat 3 times

Purifies nervous system, balances left and right hemispheres of the brain. Improves quality of breath, relieves headaches and sinus issues. Relaxes the mind and improves concentration, good preparation for meditation