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I have chosen some of my favourite things from my travels in India and beyond that are both spiritual, inspiring and symbolic. 


From a handmade jewellery collection direct from Jaipur to handrolled incense from Goa and finally to a meditation oil that will bring you a sense of calm focus.  


I have very limited stock, some pieces I have only one.  If it says out of stock, please contact me and I will add your item to my next order with India.  Usually stock is received within 2 weeks.

Having practised yoga for many years I have some favourite yoga tops and headbands that help me feel comfortable and cool during a class.  I hate the activewear ranges that look ugly and smell awful!

So, I sat at my sewing machine and designed some beautiful, flowing yoga tops and headbands that work great in a yoga class and equally pretty on a lunch out.

Holistic Yoga Therapy




Sacred Samsara Jewellery

Handmade ethically in India with an emphasis on spiritual development.


The jewellery has meaning and power either through inspiring symbols or the purity and healing quality of the stones. Beautifully made with inspiring symbols; sun, moon, lotus, mandala and flower of life and healing gemstones.

Each design is made in 925 silver or 22ct gold plated on silver.  Many competitors use brass.

Each piece of jewellery is made to awaken in our souls not only a sense of beauty and harmony but to draw attention to ourselves and to the world around us to spread love and respect. 

Jewellery that is filled with positive energy and charged with love and good mood, designed to promote release, calmness, meditation, and a sense of unity between the self, humanity and the cosmos, getting back in touch with the divine that is in each one of us.


Oudh luxury handrolled incense collection

Handmade ethically in India using the finest raw materials to transport your senses to a fascinating land. Offering six individual scents and stories.  24 sticks per packet.


Essential oils for yoga and meditation

All oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, unadulterated, free of synthetics and entirely pure from eco-conscious.


Cotton and Bamboo Yoga Wear & accessories

Cotton and Bamboo natural fabric yoga tops, made by hand, to order. With a sneaky band for your bum and your tum, making it super flattering and great for yoga asana.

Headbands in coordinating fabrics to bring a sense of style and to keep the hair and sweat from your eyes.

Gorgeous smelly eye pillows that can be heated or cooled to drape across your closed eyelids in savsasana or yoga nidra - ahhhhhh