Beginners Yoga Classes
TRURO - Colours Cafe Wellbeing Studio
Tuesdays 930 -1030
(from 14 September 2021)

ST MAWES - Millenium Rooms

Fridays 1130 -1230
(from 10th September 2021)

Please arrive 10 minutes before start time to set  up and settle. 
Classes begin and end in noble silence.

Everyone remembers their first yoga class.


Initial feelings of scepticism, expectation and nerves as you tentatively step onto the yoga mat, to the moment you find the beginnings of connection, is very powerful.

The feeling and bond a new student has to a new way of breathing, moving and feeling can be transformative.

Maybe, you are not a complete beginner, but feel that you would benefit from some more guidance in relation to your own practice.

As a teacher, I am honoured to have the opportunity to open the door to a deeper awareness, understanding and exploration that brings a connection of mind-body-spirit through yoga.

All I ask is you come with an open mind and a wish to learn.

Beginners classes are small and limited. Drop in subject to availability.


Holistic FLOW Yoga Class


Fridays 930 - 1100

Please arrive 10 minutes before start time to set  up and settle. 

Classes begin and end in noble silence.

90 minute class for those that have practised yoga before.

Classes are 'themed' seasonally rather than by experience or ailment.  Working holistically with body-mind-spirit with seasons, elements and ayurvedic principles to allow you to become more balanced and well.


Booking and payment in advance for all classes.

All classes guide you gently into:

Physical poses (asana) - focusing on alignment, whilst giving you the freedom to explore how your body wants to move.

Mental poses (meditation, mantras, mudras) - aimed to balance and calm the mind.

Breathwork (pranayama) - using different techniques.

Energetic poses - working with your subtle energetic body, with chakras, nadis and kundalini yoga.

Depending on Covid restrictions, and with your consent, I am happy to adjust and explore your yoga asana to enable you to explore your full expression of a pose.

1:1 Online Private Holistic Yoga Therapy Class

Are you interested to see how yoga can help you live a better life?


Are you a beginner and not sure where to start?

Are you looking for a teacher who can hear your story, adapt to your needs (physical, emotional and mental), who is qualified in both therapy and yoga and also likes to have fun and put you at ease?

Ready to step into a new way of living?


I am here for you xxx


I work naturally and holistically with the whole that is you.

A Yoga Nidra Class with singing bowls is also an option.

Join me for a private, safe and enlightening session.


Online classes run for 90 minutes at flexible times during the day and evening to suit you.

There are no fixed class times.  You choose...

My service is bespoke and therefore limited.  


All payment is by bank transfer. or directly with Colours in Truro. Details will be provided upon booking confirmation.

Private yoga class:

If you need to cancel, 24 hours notice in writing is required, otherwise no refund will be granted.


My Approach

"Yoga happens whenever your consciousness pays close attention to what you are doing, whether you are reaching for a jar on a top shelf or holding a posture.  Yoga happens when you bring breath to your body, attention to a feeling, or whenever you penetrate that space between your thoughts and enter a deeper presence in the moment." Anodea Judith

Are you new to yoga or spirituality?  What I offer is ideal for beginnerslet me guide you. My first goal is to bring awareness; from there, changes can be made.

In order to get a different result, you need to do things differently.

I can guide you, gently and clearly; helping you to see, helping you to take a different route towards change.

Ready to start?