About me

My name is Helen Johnstone.  I am over 50, have two sons in their twenties, a husband and a dog named Merlin. I am healthy and happy, living in Cornwall UK.  I enjoy walking, travel, learning, cooking and eating great tasting food.  Oh and I love India! 


After corporate jobs, working in offices and being Mum, I decided to take a career change into therapy.  Working since 2012 as a therapist in Hampshire, with In Mind Therapy I began to specialise in anxiety related issues.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with a lyposarcoma in my thigh, I was referred to a specialist Orthopaedic Oncologist in Oxford and had the large lump removed. I wondered what had caused it.  I believe that it was a build up of tension and grief.  Although well practiced in dealing with anxiety and stress, I found that given this potentially life limiting diagnosis, my body did not react well and would not align with a 'calm mind'.


This spiked my interest into the body-mind connection.  I knew that I needed to work holistically with myself and now others to ensure good health and wellness. So, I trained in Swedish Massage, physiology and anatomy and then set off to India to dive into yoga.

I had found that yoga classes locally were lacking the spiritual aspect and the holistic approach to body-mind-spirit and hoped that India would show me MORE! It did.... and after three months in India, I returned home as a Yoga Teacher and drew my skills together to provide what I believe is a truly holistic experience for all my clients.

Through my practice of kundalini yoga I am blessed to have been given a spiritual name.

Preet Harjoti Kaur

Preet is divine love, Har refers to qualities of kindness, creativity and prosperity.  Joti means one who is filled with light.

All my therapies aim to release, balance, harmonise the body, mind and emotions.