Private yoga class

Modern day yoga classes often focus purely on posture for exercise and miss out the feedback that yoga provides for the body-breath-mind. My classes are designed with this in mind. I provide a therapeutic space that is private and safe in which we can explore how I can guide you to feel holistically better.


Following my Indian Hatha Vinyassa yoga training and my experience as a therapist I follow the whole that is yoga; the physical, mental, energetic and emotional body.


Classes are spiritual, therapeutic, inclusive of asana (posture), kundalini meditation, mantra, locks (bandha), sound and chanting, chakras, mudra, breathwork (pranayama), Do-In and Qi Gong.

Plus all my classes end with a Savasana to relax the whole psycho-physiological system whilst you enjoy a head, neck, shoulder massage and finally a glass of homemade Kombucha Tea.

There is also an option for a pure Yoga Nidra Class for presence, being and equanimity.

​​My classes consider the eight limbs of yoga:

  • Asana - posture, movement, physical

  • Pranayama - breath control

  • Dhyana - meditation

  • Niyama - observances

  • Yama - restraints

  • Pratyahara - withdrawl of the senses

  • Dharana - concentration

  • Samadhi - pure contemplation



In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali defines yogasana as "Sthiram sukham aasanam" meaning 'that position which is comfortable and steady.' Asanas are practicised to develop the ability to sit comfortably in one position for an extended time for meditation.


Hatha yogis found that certain specific body positions, asanas, open the energy channels and psychic centres.  They found developing control of the body through these practices enabled them to control the mind and energy.


Yogasanas became tools for higher awareness, providing the foundation necessary for the exploration of the body, mind and higher states. Asana integrates and harmonises body and mind, releasing knots and mental tension.


Appointments are flexible.


Please send the form below to request to book or ask a question.

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